Elpipe Seminar Given at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Roger Faulkner and Ron Todd presented a seminar at ORNL today on "Continental-Scale HVDC Grid Based on Massive Metallic-Conductor Electric Pipelines." This presentation was a refinement of the earlier seminar we presented at MIT. Our sponsor at ORNL for this presentation was Isidor Sauers, who had come up to MIT on November 19 for our presentation there. We had some very interesting discussions with several scientists at the Seminar who were experts in the area of superconductivity, including especially Michael J. Gouge, Group Leader, Applied Superconductivity and Christopher M. Rey, Senior R&D Staff - Superconductivity (both in the Fusion Energy Division)

Dominic F. Lee, who is Manager, Advanced Cables and Conductors

We also met Thomas J. King, Director, EERE Program.

Charles J. Warren of Alcoa (Product Innovation and Development Specialist) flew down to join us at this meeting. I had met Chuck at the Energy Storage Association Meeting in Washington DC in May, 2009, where I discussed elpipes briefly in the context of my main topic, Niagara Pumped Storage (a proposal for a massive pumped storage facility operating between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario). Chuck immediately realized the enormous new market for aluminum that would be created by elpipes, and has been my ally ever since.

Presentation pdf.

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