High Voltage Overhead Lines Prove Difficult to Site

Note from Keryn Newman, one of the Directors of StopPATH WV:

I posted the elpipes information in the blog section of the website.  Because this project is so fast moving, that's were most of the news goes in order to keep the static pages a little more clutter free.  The blog has a bunch of regular readers, including the power companies and industry interests. Here's a link to the blog post.

As I promised, here are a couple of links to other groups in the US and Canada that are also fighting transmission projects.

Good luck to you guys and thanks for your persistence in trying to get the industry to open their eyes to new technology!

I have so far resisted the temptation to align myself with the NIMBY crowd fighting overhead power lines around the country, especially since I do not agree with one of Keryn's central premises, that new transmission lines are not needed. In fact, I believe that new transmission lines are vital, though I decry "coal by wire" schemes like the one underlying the PATH transmission project. Here is a response I made to Keryn's post on the StopPATH WV website blog:

I have been advocating for a continental-scale grid, based on underground "elpipes" since 1991, but I decided to make a business venture out of this only in 2009. I have hit a wall of resistance, even though it seems clear that the industry needs some form of long distance underground technology such as elpipes, HTS (high temperature superconductors) or GIL (gas insulated lines). Cables are too expensive to form the basis of a continental scale grid. Overhead lines are too intrusive, and engender local opposition.

My vision is not totally in harmony with yours, but we have a common purpose to some extent. PATH is the worst kind of powerline, designed to deliver "coal by wire" to NJ. It should be stopped. But do not throw out the baby with the bath water; as a nation we need a dramatic increase in long distance transmission to allow the movement of our energy economy away from fossil fuels.

I believe that the way to prevent an HVDC Supergrid from becoming a transmission corridor for coal-based electricity is to have realistic carbon taxes in place.

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