Publication of International Patent Application on Elpipes

March 14, 2011: WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) will publish Electric Pipeline Corporation’s ground breaking International patent on elpipes, “Underground Modular High-Voltage Direct Current Electric Power Transmission System” on March 14, 2011 [1]. This 130 page, 84-claim PCT patent application covers many different aspects of elpipes, which are polymer-insulated electric pipelines. Some aspects of elpipes include continental-scale supergrids in which elpipes are hybridized with superconducting lines, overhead lines, and other HVDC technologies [2]; resistance of elpipes to sandstorms [3]; or the trade-offs on conductor selection [4] for example have been previously discussed. Additional pending scientific papers discuss additional features and advantages for elpipes which are revealed in this patent application, such as improved insulation [5] and significance of HVDC loops based on elpipes for load leveling [6].

[1] Roger Faulkner and Ron Todd, PCT patent appl. PCT/US2010/048719 “Underground Modular High-Voltage Direct Current Electric Power Transmission System,” September 14, 2010
[2] Roger Faulkner and Ron Todd; Electricity Today, March 2010, “Using conventional Elpipes for Long Distance Transmission”
[3] Roger Faulkner and Harry Valentine: “A New Option for HVDC Power Transmission across the MENA,” Arab Construction World, September 2010; pages 12-16. (http://www.acwmag.com/pdf/ACW_XXVIII_8.pdf)
[4] Roger Faulkner and Ron Todd, “Long Distance Underground HVDC Transmission via Elpipes,” International Conference on High Voltage Engineering, October 11-14 2010.
[5] Roger Faulkner and Erling Ildstad, “Novel spirally-wound insulation for straight HVDC conductors to avoid voltage stress inversion” IEEE Insulation Conference, June 2011
[6] Faulkner, Roger “Hybridizing HVDC Transmission with Non-Local Energy Storage and Large Dispatchable Loads for Load Leveling” Submitted February 9, 2011 for the July 24-29 General Meeting of the IEEE Power and Engineering Society

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