Why I'm letting "elpipe" go into public lexicon (no trademark)

I want to be clear that it is no accident that I am letting "elpipe" become a word rather than trying to trademark it.

People are tired of seeing [tm] after the name of a thing...I certainly am! Why does Siemens say "GIL" (gas insulated line) and AZZ Technologies (another supplier) refer to "CGIT" (compressed gas insulation technology)? Branding, of course! I think this sort of commercial lexicon is inefficient for the market.

I believe my patents will have validity, and that I or my successors will have legal control of this technology provided that we raise enough money to prosecute the national phase patents effectively. I will engender competition for parts of the elpipe design, such as the conduit and the segment modules in particular, through low rate, non-exclusive licensing deals, while controlling the vital (but smaller) splice modules. By commoditizing large portions of the project, the price of elpipes will be low enough to allow EPC a healthy margin on the splice modules, while still delivering favorable economics for the customer.

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