Ballistic Breaker Subsidiary makes it to final round of MassChallenge

I learned yesterday that I made it to the final round of MassChallenge. This has some important advantages, including downtown Boston office space in an incubator environment; entrepreneur boot camp; and great mentoring. I also will finalize my CleanTech Open application by Friday.

It is a little painful to set aside elpipes for the moment so I can focus on Ballistic Circuit Breakers. One thing that is amply clear to me is that the DC circuit breaker problem must be solved before elpipes will be practical: in fact, HVDC circuit breakers are an enabling technology for elpipes.

However, unlike elpipes, the ballistic circuit breaker has several near term markets that are much easier to break into than HVDC, including:
MVDC introductory market (0.5- 10kV)
High power AC market (15-765kV)
Electric vehicle market (includes hybrids)
HVDC supergrid enabling technology

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