I was "discouraged" on pursuing ARPA-E funding for Ballistic Circuit Breaker

This was a blow. I think my proposal to study Ballistic Breakers for HVDC was strong. I know I was stepping into an area with many unknowns, but also one that is very important. Multi-terminal HVDC systems require HVDC circuit breakers, and I doubt the economics of IGBT-based approaches.

Thank God I am clear that the Ballistic Breaker is important, and that it has introductory markets that do not depend on HVDC.

Note added September 14, 2011:
I recently found out that General Atomics and Professor Mike Mazzola (http://www.ece.msstate.edu/people/profile.php?mazzola) of Mississippi State University were encouraged in the same Round #4 ARPA-E solicitation where I was discouraged. Fair enough, and good luck on solving this important problem. Watch out for those on-state losses and switching transients. 

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