The E-Cat low energy nuclear reactor (LENR) may well change the world

I first heard about Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat LENR in late August; a recent article on the LENR in Forbes Magazine and a more detailed blog post by the author of the Forbes story, Mark Gibbs are the best articles I've seen on this. This has an odd sort of twist for me personally. I was fascinated to learn about the E-Cat and I am hopeful it is real, but at the same time, the E-Cat will kick the teeth out of renewable energy (not just fossil fuels!), and really obviates the supergrid as I had been imagining it. That part really shocked me, frankly. But the positive effect it had was to enable me to really start to focus on the Ballistic Breaker™, which you can read about in my other blog, www.ballisticbreaker.com.

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