Wefunder "Crowdsource" Funding for Elpipes

I confess to being very frustrated in my efforts to address global warming/climate change in a sensible but technological way. The arguments in favor of a supergrid as the logical way forward to de-carbonize our energy system are very sound; I have chosen to focus on the "missing pieces of the puzzle" to make a supergrid feasible: high capacity underground power transmission (elpipes) and an economical HVDC circuit breaker (Ballistic Breakers: see www.ballisticbreaker.com). I have been giving this my full attention for four years, but I have received scant support. The investor community is too risk averse to lift a finger. Leave it to ABB and Siemens seems to be the strategy at DOE as well. 

I feel we are facing a crisis that WILL result in trillions of dollars being invested. Most of that money will likely go to short-sighted disaster relief, sea walls, etc. My extremely practical innovations would make a huge difference, but do not seem to be making headway...at least not in re a supergrid, which is my primary motivation. There is interest in the Ballistic breaker for MVDC microgrids...that is something at least. As a result, I think that Ballistic Breakers can be successful in their own right, but at a slow pace, stepping up to HVDC power levels slowly. Elpipes on the other hand require a different approach, and I want to go for crowdsource funding on these. Please help me to move this agenda forward if you see the need I am addressing as critical. I need help with my lame websites, among other things!

I have so far found that US-based venture capital investors will not take an interest in the elpipe because it is "too big, too long term." I have therefore put my startup Electric Pipeline Corporation onto Wefunderhttps://wefunder.com/elpipes 
in hopes that I can get started on this important (and expensive) development soon. It would help me move this forward if you will "follow" me on Wefunder; I expect the US Securities and Exchange Commission will be issuing rules by May that will allow me to raise funds though Wefunder (this is not legal yet, but by following EPC, you will help move me to the front of the queue when the final rules are announced). 

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