New beginning for Elpipes within Alevo

I have struggled to keep my vision of elpipes moving forward for the past six years (since late 2008). I knew that without patents, I had nothing, so I put a large amount of energy, and most of the money I have spent, on the patents. The first elpipe patent, which has now been granted in the USA(patent #8,796,552), and is in the back-and-forth approval process in Europe and China. Similarly, though only since 2011, I focused on the patents for Ballistic Breakers; those patents are also now on the verge of being granted in the US.

I have recently found the visionary investor I've been seeking, Jostein Eikeland, and  am now in the process of folding my two DC grid-enabling inventions into his company, Alevo. I will continue to head up the development of elpipes and Ballistic Breakers, but now with an R&D budget so that we can move on to development of prototypes. I am very thankful to Jostein for this opportunity.

This announcement was not published until October 12 to respect Jostein's desire for secrecy, and to avoid anything pulling attention away from the launch of our GridBank™ battery modules on October 28.

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