Elpipe paper to appear in the Chinese Journal of High Voltage Engineering

I just received notice that I'll be in a prominent Chinese engineering journal as a result of the paper I presented at the ICHVE (International Conference on High Voltage Engineering) in October. I believe that China will be the first country to implement elpipes. I hope to work closely with them on this in the future. My big problem is how to protect my patent rights there. My model right now is to work with Chinese partners on the national phase application in China coming out of my September 14, 2009 PCT patent application. China will be one of the first national phase patent applications I pursue out of the PCT. I expect to grant licenses to Chinese firms to produce elpipes or elpipe segments in China, and I may well move my development effort to China if I fail to find backing in the West. I want to pursue patent rights in the West separately, possibly with different partners.

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