Clayborne Taylor, Junior Joins Ballistic Breaker Company as Chief Technical Officer

Clayborne Taylor Junior is a recent PH.D. graduate, and a Research Professor at Mississippi State University. Clay was my primary partner on the ARPA-E Concept Paper on using Ballistic Breakers in multi-terminal HVDC systems:

DOE ARPA-E Concept Paper

Responsive to: DE-FOA-0000473: Green Electricity Network Integration (GENI)

title: HVDC Transmission Ring with HVDC Circuit Breakers to Assure Redundant Linking of Regional Generation and Storage for Grid Stabilization
This proposal is based somewhat on the realization that loops are self-redundant, since any two points on the loop are connected in both the clockwise and the counterclockwise direction. Steve Eckroad of EPRI has a recent patent on this concept, applied on a smaller scale than what would be needed to make renewable energy practical.

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