On my way to West Coast CleanTech Open events tomorrow

I am a semifinalist in the CleanTech Open, and I'm coming to San Jose for their Investor Conference on July 14 (http://www.cleantechopen.com/app.cgi/events/346/view) and the Entrepreneur Academy (7/15-7/17). The near term focus of my business plan is on the Ballistic Breaker (TM), but I am also keeping elpipes in the plan as a gen-II product. My new CTO Clay Taylor was planning to come to the conference with me, but he had to stay at his University job (Research Professor at Mississippi State University) because someone else got sick. My long time friend and fellow entrepreneur, Colin Felton will attend the CleanTech Open events with me instead. We are each nominally involved in the other's ventures, and the conference & academy will be more fun doing it with him!

It is very interesting to simultaneously my a CleanTech Open semifinalist and a MassChallenge finalist. In a future post, I'll talk about how these two business plan competitions are different yet complementary.

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