Announcement of a wiki for serious discussion of the future DC grid

Clay Taylor, who works with me, suggested we create a wordpress wiki that discusses the future grid. We think it is unavoidable that the future grid will be all DC; I think many of you will agree that in 100 years, the grid will be DC. That implies a transition; few would predict that the transition to DC would occur within 20 years (I think that 30 years is possible). It seems to me that most tech-savvy observers would agree that a transition to a fully DC grid will occur between 20-100 years from now, So lets discuss this! Some of my past posts, especially my discussions of ground return currents, would logically fit into this new website, which will be DCgrid.network. As of today, that url just forewords to this blog post.

I'd like to hear from you if you are willing & interested to participate. Clay Taylor will be webmaster, and both he and I will be regular contributors. In various posts on this site, I have included snippets that originated from various luminaries in the development of DC technology, starting with Bill Long at UW-Madison, who was my expert witness in the 1991 Wisconsin Public Service Commission Advance Plan 6 hearings, but also including Gunnar Asplund (formerly in charge of HVDC development at ABB), Stig Nilsson (currently a VP at Exponent), and others.

This wiki will be gently moderated, but I'm not looking to exclude folks who disagree with me. I hope to create a lively conversation, based in science and technology, but also willing to look at things like cost of right-of-way (ROW) and cost of legal fights around obtaining ROW (this is relevant because it is easier to put DC power underground for great distances than AC). Also discussion of other environmental and health effects of DC versus AC power might be nucleated there if an appropriate expert comes forward to focalize that.

Update September 15th 2017

I was surprised to find out that this blog post had more hits than any other blog post on my site.  That may be because of the link to the website DCgrid.network. Due to my illness I never got this wiki going.  I am looking for help to moderate a wiki to discuss the future DC grid.

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