Personal Statement on My Retirement from Alevo

I wrote the following blog post on May 18, 2017 . That was the day that I went on permanent disability from Alevo Inc.

I am Roger Faulkner, primary inventor of the elpipe and the Ballistic Breaker. I have been ill for a few years now, starting in September 2013, and getting seriously ill in 2014 (I was hospitalized and nearly died in May/June of 2014, shortly after I joined Alevo on April 1, 2014). I was diagnosed with Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in August 2015. I have gone onto long term disability.

I have not been active on this blog site since I joined Alevo, mainly because Jostein Eikeland, who is the primary founder, asked me to essentially stop posting. The reason was so that we could pull the development under the corporate veil until we had a prototype to show; however I never got a realistic budget to pursue my inventions. This happened because commisioning of the battery factory proved to be much harder than expected, and that sucked up all the money.

It did not work out as Jostein envisioned, but I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I was at the end of my rope in 2014 when Jostein found me, and the deal we made allowed me to pay my medical bills and live well these past few years. I am also now a stockholder in Alevo, and I think that could still work out pretty well.

Alevo now owns my inventions around elpipes and Ballistic Breakers, and they have continued to support the worldwide patent process. Now that I am retired I intend to start blogging again, as far as my condition allows. (My baud rate is really slow, but better than Stephen Hawking.)

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